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Item:Laptop Adapter

Input: 100-240V~50-60Hz 1.5A

Output:19V⎓3.42A 65W


Compatible Model:


ASUS VivoBook (Flip) 14 15 16 17 S14 S15 S16 S17:


  • ASUS VivoBook (Flip) E Series:

E201:E201NA E201N

E203:E203MAH E203MA E203M E203NAH E203NA E203N

E402: E402MA E402M E402SA E402S E402NA E402N

E403: E403SA E403S E403NA E403N

E406: E406SA E406S E406MA E406M


  • ASUS VivoBook (Flip) F Series:

F412 :F412D F412DA F412DA-NH77 F412DA-WS33

F510:F510Q F510U F510QA F510UA F510QA-WB91 F510QA-DS99 F510UA-AH5

F512:F512D F512J F512F F512DA F512JA F512FA F512LA F512DA-IS79 F512DA-WH31 F512DA-EB51 F512DA-RS51 F512DA-NH77 F512DA-WB31

F512DA-DB34 F512DA-PB31-BL F512DA-RH36 F512JA-AS34 F512JA-AS54 F512JA-OH71 F512JA-OH36 F512JA-NH56 F512FA-AB34 F512FA-OH71

F512JA-PH31-BAC F512FL-BQ076T

F524: F524U F524UA ;

F515:F515J F515JA F515JA-AH31


  • ASUS VivoBook (Flip) J Series:


J202J202N J202NA J202NA-DH01T

J401J401M J401MA J401MA-YS02 J401MA-DB02 J401MA-ES21T


  • ASUS VivoBook (Flip) K Series:


K513K513E K513EA K513EP K513EA-OB74 K513EP-BN268

K712K712E K712EA K712EA-SB55 K712EA-WH34


  • ASUS VivoBook (Flip) L Series:


L203L203N L203M L203MA L203NA L203MA-DS04 L203NA-DS04

L210L210M L210MA L210MA-DB01 L210MA-DB02 L210MA-DS01 L210MA-DS02

L406L406M L406MA L406MA-WH02 L406MA-DS24 L406SA

L410L410M L410MA L410MA-DB02 L410MA-DB04 L410MA-WS01 L410MA-WS01-CB L410MA-PS04 L410MA-TB02 L410MA0DS04 L410MA-SH01-CB L410NA L410N L410

L510L510M L510MA L510MA-DB02 L510MA-DS04


  • ASUS VivoBook (Flip) M Series:


M409M409D M409DA M409DL M409DJ

M509M509D M509DA M509DL M509DJ

M412 M413M413D M413DA–WS51

M712M712D M712DA M712DK M712FA M712DA-WH34 M712DA-AU017T


  • ASUS VivoBook (Flip) R Series:


R564R564J R564D R564JA R564DA R564JA-UH31T R564JA-UH51T R564DA-UH72T


  • ASUS VivoBook (Flip) S Series:


S412S412F S412FA-XB31 S412FA-XB51;S432S432F S432FA S432FA-AB74

S433S433F S433E S433EA S433FA S433EA-DH51 S433FA-DB51

S510S510U S510UA S510UN S510UQ S510UA-DS51 S510UA-DB71

S512S512F S512FA S512FL S512FA-DB51 S512FA-DB71 S532FA-DH55-PK S512FL-NB71 S512FL-PH77 S512FL-PB52 S512FL-PB76

S513S513I S513IA S513IA-DB74

S532S532F S532FA S532FA-SB77 S532FA-DB55 S532FA-DH55

S533S533F S533E S533FA S533FA-DS74 S533FA-DS74-WH S533FA-BQ003T S533EA S533EA-DH51 S533EA-DH51-WH

S712S712D S712J S712DA S712JA S712FA S712UA S712JA-WH54 S712DA-DB36 S712JA-IH56 S712FA-DS76 S712UA-DS54


  • ASUS VivoBook (Flip) T Series:


TP202N TP203N TP203NA TM420

TP401TP401N TP401NA TP401CA TP401NA-UH21T

TP412TP412F TP412FA TP412FA-OS31T TP412FA-XB55T TP412F-SB55T

TP404TP404M TP404MA TP401MA-AB21T TP401MA-AH21T TP401MA-BZ215TS TP401MA-YS02 TP401MA-US22TTP401CAE TP401MAR TP401CA TP401C TP401NA TP401N TP401

TP410TP410U TP410UR TP410UA TP410UF

TP412TP412F TP412U TP412FA TP412UA TP412FA-OS31T TP412UA-IH31T

TP510TP510U TP510UA

TP470TP470E TP470EA TP470EA-AS34T TP470EA-EC199T TP470EZ-IH74T TP470EZ

TM420TM420U TM420UA TM420IA TM420UA-DS71T TM420UA-WS51T TM420UA-DS52T TM420UA-IS79T TM420IA-DB71T TM420IA-DB51T


  • ASUS VivoBook (Flip) X Series:


X405:X405UQ X405U ;X420X420F X420U X421D X421F X421I X421J;X430X430F

X431:X431J X413JA X413JA-211.VBWB X413JA-EB470

X512:X512F X512D X512FA X512FA-BI7A X512FA-BI7B X512FA-B17A X512FA-B17BX512DA X512DA-BR7N4 X512DA-BTS2020RL

X513:X513E X513EA X513EA-BQ638T X513EA-BQ550T

X540X540L X540S X540N X540LA X540SA X540NA X540NA-SB01-CB

X542:X542UR X542UQ X542UA X542UN X542UF X542U X542BA X542BP X542B

X553X553S X553SA

X712X712D X712J X712DA X712JA X712DA-BR7N6 X712DA-202.MV





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